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Empowering children through riding

The Club supports the learning of children who have been empowered to learn to ride with Think Like a Pony!

In the exclusive 'members only' area of the website, children are guided with online support as they develop their knowledge of horse and pony care, training and riding. Club members can access:

  • Online video lessons to support chapters of the Think Like a Pony workbooks
  • A library of interactive worksheets
  • Personal journals where they can track their progress with photographs and a personal log

To take a look at samples of these resources, click here.

To inspire children's learning, they are presented with badges and awards on completion of each of the 30 of the Club syllabus topics. For any child who completes all of their awards and badges, we offer a free lifetime subscription to the Club!

By the end of the course children will have developed their knowledge of pony care, training and riding from the pony's perspective. In doing so, they will have developed leadership skills that will help them in all areas of life.

As well as the educational programme, Club members can access fun areas of the Club website such as 'E-cards', 'Meet the Ponies' and a forum where they can share their stories and horsemanship questions with a safely monitored online Club community.

Not bad for less than £1 per week!

Contact us for further details.

If you have any problems using the website or accessing video lessons, worksheets or your journal, feel free to get in touch with Sophie at

If you cannot access areas of the website due to restricted internet access, let us know so that we can provide you with the resources on disk.

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