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Grooming a pony with the touch of a special friend .

One of our Club members' favourite features is our video lessons. With a Club login, you can access a library of video lessons which support each chapter in the Think Like a Pony workbooks.

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Here at Think Like a Pony, we believe online education should be fun, accessible and simple. Click below to see just 1 example of our worksheets that helps children to excel in their understanding of ponies.

Journal Extract

The Olympics in 2012 inspired children all over the UK to join in sporting activities and get fit. Through our riding journal, we hope to encourage children to enjoy their riding at the same time as developing themselves and their pony as athletes.

The Riding Journal takes children through a step-by-step guide of the 'scales of training' and helps them to learn as they answer questions and upload photographs to track their progress.

Download an extract of the journal here.