Benefits of Joining The Think Like a Pony Club

What the club offers you...

  • Support following the Think Like a Pony syllabus
  • The opportunity towards awards and badges
  • Access to a safely monitored forum
  • Think Like a Pony Club journal
  • Video lessons to support your horsemanship and riding
  • "Things to do" downloads
  • Quizzes and challenges
  • Help with problem solving
  • Opportunity to share your experiences with other young horsemanship enthusiasts
  • Regular articles about how to take care of your pony and improve your relationship
  • 10% off Think Like a Pony merchendise at camps, workshops and demonstrations with production of your Think Like a Pony membership card
  • Regular email updates of members only events such as camps, workshops and demonstrations
  • Quarterly email newsletters

All for just £40 a year!

Why not join the Think Like a Pony Club today?