Quiz - How well do you know ponies?

Have a go at the quiz below and see how many you can get right. You can take the quiz as many times as you like.

1) How do ponies communicate with each other?

  Body Language


  They do not communicate with each other

2) Is your pony a…




3) Why might a pony be afraid to step into a puddle?

  Because it cannot swim

  Because it does not like to get it's feet wet

  Because it cannot judge how deep it is

4) In the wild, how many miles would your pony travel each day (approximately)?




5) Ponies can get diabetes… True or false?



6) What is the most important thing to a pony…

  Feeling safe and confident

  Having a full tummy

  Having friends to play with

7) Which of these is not a healthy treat for your pony:

  A fresh beetroot

  Green cabbage

  A slice of wholemeal bread

8) How often should you have your pony’s saddle checked?

  When it is time to buy a new saddle


  Once a year

9) Why does your pony need to include fibrous plants which are hard to chew in its diet?

  To exercise his jaw

  To wear his teeth evenly

  Because they are tasty

10) Why should you rub your pony before you put its halter on?

  To warm your hands up

  To check that it trusts your touch

  To check that it is clean

11) Your pony will carry it’s head and neck high when:

  It is trying to sunbathe

  It is going to sleep

  It is alert and looking out for danger

12) When a pony holds it’s head and neck lower than it’s withers, is he…




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